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Mortgage Brokers since 2011, we specialize in Small business loans and commercial real estate. As your mortgage broker, we like “Bank Turn Down Loans”.

Other Types of Funding

Land Loans

G&G Capital specializes in land and bridge loans. No other private lender does land loans more efficiently than us. These atypical deals take special care, attention, and experience, which we acquired from decades of closing land loans. A bridge loan from us helps borrowers purchase or jump-start their new commercial real estate project.

  • Predevelopment/Horizontal Infrastructure
  • Raw Land
  • Acquisition/Refinancing
  • Development
  • Borrow $1 million to $70 million from 8%
  • Loan-to-value ratio up to 75%

Hospitality Loans

At G&G Capital we offer 65 years of experience finding innovative solutions to the most complicated of real estate deals. We can help you finance all sizes, from small roadside motels to five-star luxury suites.  Borrowers have utilized our funds to acquire a property, refurnish rooms, beautify lobbies and add new world-class amenities.

  • Hotel/Motels
  • Flagged or Private
  • Acquisition/Construction
  • Refinancing
  • PIP (Property Improvement Plan)
  • Borrow $1 million to $70 million from 8%
  • Loan-to-value ratio up to 75%

Short-term Multifamily Loans

G&G Capital offers quick closings, flexible use, and competitive interest rates on your multifamily properties loan. No matter the size or type, we lend to finance construction, renovate an aging building, or refinance an existing multifamily loan. With an easy application process and an even easier closing, we guide borrowers every step of the way.

  • Townhomes
  • Apartments
  • Condo
  • Freestanding
  • Acquisition
  • Conversion
  • Construction
  • Borrow $1 million to $70 million from 8%
  • Loan-to-value ratio up to 75%

Office Loans

At G&G Capital, our loans can be utilized in whatever way you need, including to fund a new acquisition, expand an existing facility or make value-boosting improvements. These loans, which range from $1 million to $70 million, can be used for any size facility from a single stand-alone office to a several-building office complex.

  • Acquisition/Construction
  • Upgrades
  • Tenant Improvements
  • Renovation
  • Borrow $1 million to $70 million from 8%
  • Loan-to-value ratio up to 75%

Mixed-Use Properties

At G&G Capital, our team of experienced, well-versed lenders works with commercial real estate projects of all makeups and sizes. From single-building storefront/apartment combos to a full complex of housing, stores, and office space, we have the experience necessary to take borrowers from application to closing in just a few short weeks – or even just a few days!

  • Specializes in multifaceted deals
  • Use for nearly any purpose, including bridge loans
  • Closings were completed quickly and smoothly
  • Borrow $1 million to $70 million from 8%
  • Loan-to-value ratio up to 75%


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We specialize in many types of Commercial Loans to Owners, Investors, and Developers in need of funding outside the scope of the traditional Banks and Lenders.

We offer loans for almost every scenario, including residential fix & flip, new construction, land development, medical facilities, retail, office buildings, multi-family units, and SBA business loans.

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